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Manx Music Harp and Piano Sheet Music Download

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Tailless Tunes - Manx Music Book
Traditional Tunes from the Isle of Man

This book contains arrangements of 27 of my favorite tunes from the Isle of Man, along with lots of historical and cultural tidbits about this wonderful Island and its people.


Alas! The Horse is Gone - Manx Music CD

This CD contains 15 of the tunes in my book, with Yours Truly playing dulcimer, harp, melodica, bass, and piano, (and singing a couple of tracks) and also includes fiddle and whistle player, Brian Lindsay, and my husband, Toby Walker on guitar.


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Tailless Tunes
Book Only




Manx Music
CD Only




Tailless Tunes
Book Only


$19.95 + S&H


Manx Music
CD Only


$14.95 + S&H


Manx Music
Book & CD


$34.95 + S&H


Need a Quick Fix? Download MP3 Single Tracks - Just .99¢ each!

Alas! The Horse is Gone - Manx Music 3:29 min. 3.19Mb MP3 .99¢
Milking Song - Manx Music 3:22 min. 3.08Mb MP3 .99¢
Work & Play Medley - Manx Music 3:10 min. 2.90Mb MP3 .99¢
Song of the Water Kelpie - Manx Music 3:11 min. 2.92Mb MP3 .99¢
Manx Music Box - Manx Music
4:20 min. 3.26Mb MP3 .99¢
The Maid of Port y Shee - Manx Music
3:33 min. 3.26Mb MP3 .99¢
When I Was a Little Boy - Manx Music
1:37 min. 1.49Mb MP3 .99¢
Washing Song - Manx Music
4:29 min. 4.12Mb MP3 .99¢
Little Red Bird - Manx Music
2:27 min. 2.25Mb MP3 .99¢
Jig Medley - Manx Music
3:31 min. 3.22Mb MP3 .99¢
Goodnight Song - Manx Music
2:10 min. 2.00Mb MP3 .99¢

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