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Manx Music Box - Sheet Music for Harp

Manx Music Box - arranged for harp or piano
from "Traditional Tunes from the Isle of Man"
by Carol Walker

I’m delighted to offer the first of a series of Manx tunes arranged for harp or piano. This arrangement has been transcribed note for note from my CD, “Alas! The Horse Is Gone,” and is in response to the many requests I received for the sheet music for this particular song after my CD was released.

The opening and closing melodies are a relatively true representation of the traditional melody, “Arrane y Chlean,” also known as “Manx Lullaby” or “Cradle Song.” The middle section is an improvisation based on those melodies, and is meant to reflect rambling recollections of a child’s activities during the day, while lying in bed and drifting off to sleep, listening to a music box as it winds down.