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Mountain Dulcimer Workshops by Carol Walker

Mountain Dulcimer Workshops for Beginners and Experts

Looking for a specific topic for your festival or music gathering that you don't see listed here?
I can create and develop workshops on just about any topic....Just ask!

Songs in DNA

~~ Beginner / Novice ~~

DNA isn't some weird tuning. Rather, this is about songs that are so familiar that they're practically etched on your DNA. Children's songs, holiday songs, silly songs, folk songs, and more. You'll be amazed at how much you can already do on the dulcimer!

Tailless Tunes -- Traditional Manx Music

~~ Intermediate/Advanced ~~

The Isle of Man, located in the Irish Sea, is an untapped source of beautiful music with Celtic influences. Local musicians are eager to share these traditional tunes with the outside world, and what better place than in the world of dulcimers. In this workshop, your journey to the Isle of Man will begin with several of my favorites, tabbed out mostly in fingerpicking style. Mixed tunings: DAD, DAC, DGD, and with capo. A 1 ½ fret will come in handy as well. My first-hand experience with the Manx musical experts brings a special and unique touch to this workshop.

Tailless Tunes Too - Working from the Original Manuscripts

~~ Intermediate/Advanced ~~

During my second visit to the Isle of Man, I was given the rare privilege of photographing the original manuscripts of hundreds of Manx tunes collected during the 1890's. We'll follow the evolution of these melodies as they develop into modern day arrangements for mountain dulcimer.

Note: Both Manx workshops offer different repertoire, but could be combined into one workshop if need be.

Classical Music for Mountain Dulcimer -- Music Appweciation with Bugs Bunny

~~ Intermediate/Advanced ~~

You really know more classical music than you realize, thanks to cartoons and commercials. If you're looking for something a bit different, this is the class for you, and it can all be done in DAD, with no extra frets and no capo. Cawol's awwangement of "The Bugs Bunny Whapsody" will be worth the pwice of admission!


~~ Novice & up ~~

You've just found a new piece of music that is nicely tabbed out, but you have no idea how it sounds, and there's no one around who can play it for you. Now what??!! We'll learn how to figure out the most difficult aspect of this dilemma: how to read and play the rhythms accurately.

Hymns for the Mountain Dulcimer

~~ Intermediate/Advanced ~~

This workshop is in two parts: During Part 1 we'll look at several of my favorite hymns that have already been tabbed out for performance, suitable for church services or personal enjoyment. Historical background of the hymns is also included. In Part 2 you'll learn an easy way to arrange your own favorites using a method that does not require any knowledge of music theory!

Duets and Canons and Rounds, Oh My!

~~ Intermediate ~~

Playing with a partner or a group of people is just plain fun! In this workshop you'll learn ways to use those old familiar rounds that you never knew before. Ensemble playing increases confidence and allows all players to contribute something to the total sound, regardless of level of experience.

The Expressive Dulcimer

~~ Intermediate/Advanced ~~

Fingers only! No picks allowed. You will be amazed how folk songs can be made exquisitely beautiful by using various finger-style techniques. People always tell me, "I never knew a dulcimer could sound like that" following a performance using this method.

Singing with the Mountain Dulcimer

~~ Beginner/Intermediate ~~

In this workshop you'll learn how to present a song from scratch. We'll experiment with finding the right chords and strumming styles, adding variety and interest with introductions and interludes, along with tips for improved vocal and performance techniques.

Playing by Ear

~~ Intermediate ~~

Sometimes you hear a melody at a jam session or club meeting that you really like, but no one has tabbed it out. Good grief! This workshop, taught by a recovering tabaholic, will give you lots of ways you can learn the tune on the spot, and still remember it when you get home. No TAB allowed!

Variations on the Tune

~~ Intermediate/Advanced ~~

Are you tired of playing the same old tune the same old way? In this workshop we'll get creative, adding a countermelody and passing tones, using different chords or positions, using the entire fretboard. We'll take our tab from the basic bare bones to a fancy version suitable for performance.

Which Chord Goes Where? -- or, The Lost Chord Is Found

~~ Intermediate/Advanced ~~

In this workshop we'll arrange both new and familiar tunes, making choices as we go about which chords will sound best with your melody line, and why. A small dose of painless music theory will also be injected to aid in understanding the process.

Alternate tunings and capos: DGD, DAC, AAD, and others

~~ Intermediate ~~

If you're stuck in the DAD rut, this class will freshen up your repertoire with a rich variety of tunes that will add colorful variety to your playing. We'll also briefly explore the "How To" aspect of figuring out which tuning or capo position will work best for a song you're arranging.

Slow Jam

~~ All Levels ~~

Gentle guidance will be offered to ensure that each group of instruments gets a turn, and that everyone can play something, either melody or chords. Every jam tune can potentially become a mini-concert!

Holiday Tunes

~~ Intermediate ~~

Get a head start on your holiday music! Be ready for the singalongs at your family get-togethers! In this repertoire class we'll explore a sampling of traditional Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, and Passover tunes to work on NOW!

Discovery Mountain Dulcimer

~~ Beginner 101, 102 ~~

Easy baby steps for the brand-new beginner -- DAD tuning, the three basic chords in "first" position, right-hand strumming techniques, and how to read easy tab. Everyone in the class will be playing a tune in the first 5 minutes! Guaranteed!

Master Class

~~ All Levels ~~

Bring a prepared piece to share your concerns or problems -- play a passage that has been giving you trouble -- suggestions will be made to help you improve. We will ALL learn by helping each other!

Folk Harp Discovery ~~ HARP

~~ All Levels ~~

First, a little background about the development of this beautiful instrument, then some ideas for improving your own playing from a harpist trained in the classical tradition.

Vocal Techniques for Practice and Performance

~~ All Levels ~~

Carol shares her 32 years of choral teaching with workshop participants who want to learn more about how to improve their singing technique. Breathing and vocal exercises will be included, along with tips for improving range and quality, to list just a few.

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